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2019 A+Product Award Winner

Facades Roofing Category

Architizer: The World’s Best Products is an annual e-book cataloguing the world’s best and most innovative products. Featuring select A+Awards winners, The World’s Best Products is the definitive resource for specifying architects at Architizer’s 17,000 member firms. See the 2019 book here.

Featured Jury
Yves Behar
Neri Oxman
Julian Weyer
Cheryl Durst

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Roofing has been a tradition in the Nill Family since the 1940s spanning four generations. Attention to detail and a passion for quality have been the driving force behind our business. Nill Building Solutions prides itself in creating a line of roofing and construction products that will remedy any weak point in every construction project.

Nill Building Solutions products are the wave of the future. Our patent pending products are designed and tested to strengthen stability and help remedy weak points of construction, essentially providing waterproof connections at attachment points. Our products are quickly changing how contractors approach building as our products offer the ease of installation, flexibility in its application, durability and unmatched strength.