Congress is Bailing Out Social Security with Secret $1 Trillion “Rainy Day” Retirement Fund


By Robert Ross

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It’s no surprise that Social Security is running out of money.

And that means your retirement savings might dry up sooner than you think.

In fact, by the time the next wave of Americans reach retirement, Social Security might not even be around to support the folks who paid into it their entire lives.

It’s a catastrophe of epic proportions. One that could rob you—or those you love—of the retirement you’ve always imagined.

But what most people don’t realize is that our government has been working on a “Plan B” that can protect you from the disaster ahead.

Years ago, 39 members of Congress quietly put an emergency backup plan in place. They started a “rainy day” retirement fund that’s grown to nearly $1 trillion today.

This Social Security failsafe is relieving pressure on our buckling system and can add as much as $185,040 to your retirement savings.

The problem is: Most Americans don’t even know it exists.

You’d be hard pressed to find any information about it online or even at your local library.

But through my financial connections, I caught wind of this secret fund. And I spent the last six months researching all the details on how to tap into it. I even spoke with my insider contacts in Washington.

During my extensive research, I discovered exactly how you can start claiming your slice of this $1 trillion “social security catastrophe” pie.

There’s no age minimum. And you can start receiving checks even if you’re collecting social security. It’s the ultimate way too boost your retirement savings.

Collecting funds from Congress’ emergency retirement plan is easier than you might think.

In fact, you can set yourself up to claim your first payout of up to $15,420 in around two minutes.

And once you’re enrolled, you can begin extracting 100% automated payments like clockwork from this $1 trillion fund.

I put together a special report showing you exactly how to enroll and claim your first payout.

Folks who sign up now stand to collect total payouts as large as $185,040…and that’s on top of any other retirement benefits you might already receive.

But there is one catch…as more people start tapping into this fund, the smaller it will get. So you should enroll now in order to collect the highest payouts possible.

I urge you to read this free report and discover how to receive your share of this $1 trillion fund right away.

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