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When was the last time you Googled your business?

The first thing I do when introduced to a new client is to Google them. I’m sure when you too are interested in a business you do the same.

So why don’t you Google your own business? Don’t you want to know what your potential clients are seeing?

Most times when I start the business discovery phase there are issues. Whether it is something as simple as business hours that display for the Google Business Listing to the business being listed as a completely different category than it actually is. I once found a payroll company listed as a antique vendor.

The problem with a lot of these accounts I find that the owners and managers don’t have access to these accounts to change the incorrect information. Most times these accounts were setup by previous employees or past marketing companies that are no longer around. Anytime a new account is created management or the owner should have access. Regardless if they plan on using it is best to have them on the account in case the account ow

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